Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Curried Lentil Soup

My boyfriend was here for two weeks, during which we were super active, running all around town and eating out at restaurants a lot. So when he left, I was totally okay with staying home, being lazy and eating leftovers. I didn't cook much and what I did cook didn't turn out right, hence the lack of recipes. 

Yesterday I decided to make a big ol' batch of lentil soup to last me through the week. I don't mind eating the same thing everyday as long as it's only for one meal. Example: I can eat the same soup everyday for lunch, as long as I get to mix it up with dinner (or vice versa). 

I have been cooking a lot from Angela's blog 'Oh She Glows'. I've mentioned this site before and I definitely go through phases with blogs. For a while I was all about 'Smitten Kitchen' and then 'Happy Herbivore'. I love that most of Angela's recipes are low fat and all of her recipes are vegan. Even though I'm not vegan, I like to eat vegan at home, and eat vegetarian (or pescatarian) when I'm at restaurants. It's a nice way I've found to limit my dairy and fish consumption. 

What I loved about this lentil soup recipe is that the ingredient list is short and it comes together very quickly. I actually made it yesterday for lunch and from start to finish it took a little under an hour, with most of that time being inactive (allowing the soup to simmer for 30 minutes). 
I undercook my lentils just slightly so they have some bite. 
I made one significant change to the recipe which was adding a (non) beef bouillon cube. I felt the broth was a little bland, despite all the curry, and the bouillon cube really gave it a kick. I am super into these (non) beef and chicken bouillon cubes as of late; I much prefer them to veggie bouillon cubes. They just add a nice base flavor to any soup. 

Angela also pureed part of the soup, but I left it as is just because I was too lazy to dirty my blender and I don't have an immersion blender. Finally, I can imagine this soup being super delicious and hearty with the addition of some veggie sausage, but it was fine without as well. 

I'm looking forward to seeing how the flavors have developed overnight when I enjoy this for lunch again today. Almost all soups get better the next day


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