Monday, February 28, 2011

Nutrition: The Future of Medicine by T. Colin Campbell

This article is taken from, a really fantastic website by cancer survivor Kris Carr (author of several wellness books, most recently Crazy Sexy Diet). It's written by Dr. T. Colin Campbell, who if you don't know, is one of the foremost nutrition experts and also the author of The China Study
I doubt that few would disagree with the observation that nutrition is one of the most confusing words or concepts in the English language. What we choose to eat also is one of the most emotionally intense topics of human discourse, ranking up there with sex, religion and politics. Yet, properly practiced nutrition, as a dietary lifestyle, can do more to create health and save health care costs than all the contemporary medical interventions put together.
I know well this story. Having started a research and teaching career in nutrition over 50 years ago, I have seen the passion, the frivolity and the arrogance over and over and over when people talk about their food choices. This topic is very, very personal. It’s sad because I do not see very much progress over these last four to five decades. Lots of shouting and not much constructive thought...
For the full article please go to Crazy Sexy Life

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