Monday, February 21, 2011

Why I love cookbooks

There are few things more exciting in life than a good cookbook. A new cookbook represents potential. The recipes in the book might find a way into your life. You might make the veggie casserole on page 21 for your boyfriend, or perhaps the dark chocolate ganache cake for your students. They might love it and you'll have created a memory with that person- thanks to that recipe.

Cookbooks are a really simple pleasure. At least, the ones I like are. I don't like the fussy, difficult, super challenging ones. Because, frankly, I want and need cooking to be fun and loving. Not harsh and punishing.

And baking is that much better than cooking because it is indulgent. No one needs dessert to survive. We need food to survive thus cooking will always be that much more...essential. But baking? It's purely decadent. Something you do to show someone you love them. Something you do when you want to feel loved. There is less room for interpretation, which means you can sink into the comfort of measuring and whisking without being forced to add your own spin.

I go on a journey with every cookbook I purchase. Each cookbook has its own feeling and sound. Different cookbooks represent different periods in my life. But mostly, cookbooks allow me to pretend for a few moments, or hours, that life is no more complicated than the steps necessary to successfully create the recipe at hand.
All you have to do is follow the recipe, and you will end up with something wonderful.
If only life were so simple!

So this blog is an ode to cookbooks (and cake!).


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