Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Slow-roasted tomatoes

Anyone who reads my blog knows I'm obsessed with tomatoes. They are without a doubt my favorite fruit/vegetable, whatever. 

Pre roasting. 
However, tomatoes have become really bastardized over the past few years. They are everywhere, all the time! They feature year round, even though they are only really good for maybe 3-4 months a year (the summer in most places, depending on the climate). I think it's really annoying because those tomatoes you find in the winter? They taste nothing like a juicy ripe tomato you'll find in the summer, specifically in the south of Turkey. 

One way to make the most of bland tomatoes is to roast them. Roasting makes the flavor of anything more rich and deep. Slow-roasting involves roasting something at a very low degree for a number of hours

I used this recipe here, although you can't really mess these up. Depending on how large your tomatoes are, you want to cut them in half (if grape or cherry tomatoes) or quarters (if larger), drizzle with olive oil, salt, pepper and the spices of your choice. I used thyme cause that's what I had on hand, but I'm sure oregano or even a mix of Italian spices would work beautifully. Don't leave out the garlic cloves though! When you roast them with the skins on, the garlic remains protected, while developing a rich flavor. Once they've cooled, you can peel them and spread the soft insides on toasted bread. 

I ate these tomatoes over two days and kept the in fridge covered. They are really spectacular and elevate whatever you are eating. I placed a few on toasted bread with cheese,  tossed some in a mushroom omelet, and even ate them straight. They are sweet but a little tart as well. 
Not the best quality- still learning how to use my camera!

I recommend making extra as they go quickly! 

Note: Don't worry about peeling them. The skins don't separate as they roast, so those who tend to hate the skins of tomatoes won't be bothered. Trust

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